Hello, my name is Luke.
I decided to create a new personal website for myself (what do you think) and as such I am obligated to do the "personal" part of it. It’s meant to give you an appreciation, understanding and an Immediate love and kinship for me. So this is a sentence or two about me and how fantastic of a team leader and member I am and how much we should

(A) Do business together
(B) Talk about Music, Politics, Art, Science or Philosophy
(C) Go to swanky parties and art galleries with a good time in mind.
(D) All of the above

..Just in case you didn’t get enough about me from the last link I thought I would elaborate a bit.
I will spare you a recitation of all the individual things I am interested in. After all you don’t care that I enjoy Technology, Business, Science, Design, Gaming or any of the dozens of other things and I don’t blame you... So that begs the question "if you’re not going to tell us anything why are you "elaborating" on the previous link?" so I suppose my response would be two fold. I wanted to highlight my personal commitment and the professionalism with which I bring to whatever I do, but I fear that can't be summarized in an online venue such as this. Secondly I wanted to illustrate an appreciation for humor. As we all know levity in any situation makes the day and the task, no matter how daunting seem more bearable and downright enjoyable. A happy team is a strong team!

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